Discovering The Seagull St36 Movement

Discovering the Seagull st36 movement

About Seagull

In January 1955, Tianjin Watch Factory was established by the government of the People’s Republic of China. The Tianjin Watch Factory received recognition as a national business in 1990, and the Tianjin Seagull Corporation was established in 1992.

The Tianjin Seagull Watch Group went public in 2000, and a representative office was established in Hong Kong in 2003. The business relocated to new production and administrative buildings close to Tianjin Airport in 2010.

Seagull presently employs over 3000 people and they produce almost 100 different types of timepieces, including tourbillons, quarter repeaters, and minute repeaters, as well as a variety of high-end, mid-range, and low-end multipurpose automatic mechanical watches. They produce over 5 million movements each and every year, they account for a quarter of the total global production of mechanical watch movements.

The seagull st36 movement

Other known names for this moment are 3600K, ST3600K, ST36K, ST-3600K and ST36.

The mechanical manual-wind calibre ST3600 from Tianjin Seagull, an ETA 6497 clone, is a well-known affordable movement. They K you’ll see mentioned sometimes means that its skeletonized.

Is the seagull st36 movement any good? The phrase “you get what you pay for” is self-explanatory. An inferior metal may be acceptable for some portions of the movements where there isn’t much mechanical stress, such the barrel bridge, where a fully wound mainspring exerts a substantial amount of pressure.

There is a variation in gem quality, and a watch mechanism is more than just a collection of jewels and metals. Some of those metals must be appropriately heat treated and polished. If you didn’t give the watch any attention at all, you probably wouldn’t notice the latter. 

To produce a movement for $40, they must make a lot of compromises. Purchasing a watch and receiving five or ten years of use out of it is simple; but, quality will prevail when the watch needs repair.

There are undoubtedly both worse and better movements in existence. At this price point, expectations of a movement that you’ll work your whole life is just unrealistic.

There are some exceptional Chinese movements available that are so good that Swiss watches employ them as ebauches, proving that not all Chinese movements are made equal! Overall Seagull is known to produce decent quality. Choose a high-quality watch if you intend to wear it and pass it down to your children. If not, the seagull will likely be alright as well.

An unmaintained Seagull ST-3600 shouldn’t be expected to endure more than a few years under constant use.

The seagull st36 specifications

  • Feature: Hand wind
  • Model Number: ST36
  • Dial Diameter: 36.6mm
  • Movement: Mechanical Hand Wind
  • Height: 4.5mm
  • Jewels: 17

The seagull st36 movement

Some known models with the seagull St36: Sea-Gull M222SK, Invicta 5001, Invicta 17265, Invicta 1090, Invicta 1088