In our opinion, the Seagull 1963 (prototype of the project d304) is the most iconic timepiece ever created. After being collectors of every possible Seagull 1963 Chronograph model out there, friends and acquaintances started to show interest. From there, our small business grew to the point where we started sharing our passion for this iconic watch with others. With over seven years of selling various Seagull 1963 watches, we decided to finally put our business online. Starting with the Acrylic Seagull 1963 38mm and the sapphire Seagull 1963 38mm.

"Kindness and courtesy are at the heart of a positive customer service experience."

This way, customers all over the world can benefit from our quality products and enjoy a borderless shopping experience. The shipping process of our products is done from our warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium, where we check every watch arriving from China, and before it is shipped to the customer, all watches are rechecked. Our in-house watchmakers have years of experience with the 1963 Seagull, so we can always advise you with all your questions. Since we do secondary quality control in Antwerp and all watches are shipped from our Antwerp office, we can guarantee the best quality and best service.

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