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What is an Homage Watch?

If you are a watch enthusiast then you must be very passionate about adding a Rolex or an Omega to your watch collection. But let’s get real for a second, having a Rolex and Omega sure sounds fancy, but it also screams expensive. Not everybody, especially the new members in the community of watch lovers, can afford it. But does that mean that you simply have to give up your love for high-end watches? Absolutely not! There is a solution to this pricey problem and two words have the answer – homage watch. 

Homage watches are an excellent replacement for pricey high-end watches. In fact, they even come with a few updates that make them stand out even more than the original. Diving into the watch enthusiast community, not everyone is a fan of these watches, since some categorize it as a ‘rip off’. But that should never stop you from getting one. Homage watches have certainly made it easier for watch enthusiasts to expand their collections, in a budget-friendly way. So, by now you must be wondering: “What exactly is an homage watch?”

In this article, we will walk you through the meaning and the idea of a homage watch and why homage watches are an exceptional choice when it comes to luxury timepieces. So, let’s dive right in! 

What is the Meaning of an Homage Watch?

The meaning of an homage watch is reflected by its name. The word ‘homage’ means to pay respect or show honor to, which is exactly what homage watches are all about. They pay homage, or pay respect, or are in the honor of a pre-existing luxurious watch design. These watches gain inspiration from any famous existing design but are not exact replicas. They are somehow different from the original design, and the features owing to this difference make these homage watches even more unique! 

Think of it this way, you see a Rolex watch, the Rolex Submariner for example, and you instantly fall in love with its exclusive design. You want to buy it at the spot and make it a part of your timepiece collection but there is something holding you back – the price tag. An easy way out of this pricey dilemma is to purchase a homage watch instead. The homage of the Rolex Submariner will be its twin in design and will outshine the original one by incorporating some core factors that were missing in the original Rolex Submariner, all at a low cost as well! Sure sounds like a dream come true for many watch lovers!

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Why You Should Get a Homage Watch

If you are still being dicey about the authenticity of these homage watches, then allow us to tell you a secret; these homage watches are perfectly legal! The whole idea of homage watches is to pay tribute to the existing design with some small modifications. These watches are not a replica, rather they are an improved and affordable version of the original watches. Below are some of the reasons why you should definitely get some homage watches:

1. Replacement for Expensive High-End Watches:

High-end luxury watches are no doubt the sweethearts in the realm of watches, but they are extremely expensive. Not all can afford to make them a part of their dream collection. These watches are pricey due to a number of factors such as their material, complex movements, finishing, etc. Homage watches serve as an excellent substitute for these luxury watches. They are basically the economical version of the high-end watches. On the outside, they look the same as the original watch, but to reduce the cost, homage watches use inexpensive replacements when it comes to the material, finishing, and the watch movement. For example, instead of using a sapphire watch glass crystal, these watches use a mineral or quartz crystal. Similarly, instead of having a complex swan neck regulator in the mechanical movement, homage watches usually use a quartz movement instead. These factors help to bring down the cost of the timepiece, making it a budget friendly high-end watch. 

2. Accessibility to Limited Pieces:

The best thing about homage watches is that through these timepieces, you can easily access the limited edition pieces or the ones which have been discontinued. Watches vary with trends. Sometimes the weather calls for small watches while sometimes, the trend shifts towards big dial watches. In order to keep up with the latest trends and styles, many brands often discontinue some ancient designs that get out of fashion. The watch community is a small place and getting these vintage pieces seems impossible, but thanks to homage watches, any watch lover can easily access these limited editions or discontinued designs in the form of homage watches. A prime example is the Red Army ‘Wuxing Homage’ Handwinding watch which is an improved and inexpensive version of the original. 

3. Affordability:

Expensive luxury watches are not everyone’s cup of tea. So, in order to quench your thirst for high-end watches, homage timepieces are the optimal substitute. Instead of spending your entire paycheck on a single watch, you can get a similar watch design and much more at an extremely modest budget. This cost friendly aspect of homage watches keeps on attracting watch lovers to get their hands on some homages.

That’s all about homage watches. These valuable inexpensive timepieces are surely bound to expand your precious watch collection. Hope you found this article enlightening and helpful! 

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