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It can easily be said that the seagull ST19 is enjoying its time in the spotlight, thanks to amazing features coupled with a competitive price range and a signature chronograph movement. 

With its superior quality and eye-catching design, it truly is a standout timepiece.

Let’s take a closer look at some of its key features.

The Captivating Design

The interior of this pocket-friendly watch is beautifully designed, and the chronograph movement is integrated into the time mechanism. If we look into this methodology, it is a more complicated way of making a watch, but it sure is the original way.  This placement allows the time mechanism and chronograph movement to function as a single unit. Additionally, this placement makes it easier to maintain and do the service of chronograph caliber. If we look at the market, watches with great movements such as the ETA 2849 and SII NE88 are good examples, although both of them are modular and are expensive to make. 

A Column Wheel

The Seagull ST1901’s column-wheel provides a smooth chronograph action with seamless transitions. Although this feature is more labor-intensive when compared to other products such as the expensive Valjoux/ETA 7750, it provides a high-performing pusher action that makes the extra production time worth it.

The Intriguing History

The ST19’s heritage goes back to 1961 when Venus, a Swiss Manufacturer sold all of his equipment. including machinery and blue footprints for the watch 175 calibers, to the Tianjin Watch Factory. Today, this modern watch has a higher beat rate of 21,600 BPH and an increase of 17 to 19 jewels.

A High-Performance Watch Designed With Modern Features

Although chronograph technology requires more robust maintenance and service, it is still a leading technology compared to Swiss, Quartz, or Chinese.

Furthermore, what gives the ST19 its competitive edge is its detailed production that ensures reliability and durability. Special Gemini cases are used for the casing of the watches, and they undergo a 72-hour test in different positions to ensure that each watch has proper movement. Lastly, each piece is inspected separately in the U.S before shipping commences.

Ultimately, the Seagull ST19 comes at an economical price and with exceptional durability. It has a sleek design and an integrated chronograph moment that makes it easier to repair and maintain. The watch is fully mechanical, giving it an on-trend look that people love to wear.

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