3 Straps to consider equipping the Seagull 1963 with and why

Most would argue that it’s either the dial, the painted or applied indices, or the hands that make the watch. To me, however, the choice of straps is just as important. Of course, the above-stated elements to the watch are what catch your glimpse first. But when taking a closer look, whether or not the straps complement these other aspects of the watch, is what makes or breaks the watch as a whole. Therefore, I’d like to put a few different types of seagull 1963 straps on your radar and inform you about their unique characteristics and which types of seagull 1963 aesthetics they match best with. 

Although the standard green nato strap Seagull 1963 watches come with, just like the other parts of the watch, are of great quality, some watch collectors believe that the Seagull 1963 straps are inferior to the other parts of the watch. Therefore, they go on the look for straps that, in their view, match the overall aesthetics of the watch better. Some watch enthusiasts I’ve spoken to even told me that pairing a watch with the right strap is one of the most enjoyable parts of wristwatch collecting for them. So although I believe the standard straps Seagull 1963 watches come with are worth holding onto, I’m going to make a few suggestions regarding alternative straps for your Seagull 1963, so you will be able to experience said hunt for the perfectly matching strap yourself.

Olive green leather 18mm strap 

If you’ve purchased a Seagull 1963 Chrono for its militaristic background, you must consider this strap. The green color perfectly accentuates the militaristic vibe the Seagull 1963 Original watch gives off and really adds to the story behind the watch. Furthermore, this strap is great for those who want their watch to really blend in with their casual clothing style.

Nato Strap 

If you’ve added a Seagull 1963 watch to your collection because of its vintage aesthetics, I would recommend you to consider equipping your Seagull 1963 Chronograph with a Nato Strap. I mean, look at the image below. Doesn’t it scream vintage? Furthermore, If you happen to own a Seagull 1963 watch with Panda Dial, I would recommend equipping it with a two-colored Nato Strap. I’ve seen some Seagull 1963 Panda’s equipped with it and the way the straps complimented the dial was extraordinary.

Brown Leather Strap

Obviously, last but not least, we’ll discuss whether equipping your Seagull 1963 with a brown leather strap is a worthy decision. At first sight, this combination seems a very logical one, considering the fact that both the Seagull 1963 Watch and a Leather strap are textbook examples of vintage items. Therefore, this combination works out perfectly, yet isn’t the most original. So before equipping your Seagull 1963 with leather straps, you’ve got to make up your mind and choose between going for aesthetics or making your timepiece stand out from others.

I hope this article has given you a broader view of some of the straps that are on the market for Seagull 1963 watches, and why you would want to replace the strap your watch comes with. If you’re interested in more ideas/suggestions regarding strap combinations, feel free to contact us at

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