Carry yourself with style with this 42 mm Seagull 1963 watch with a Panda Dial. With this watch on your wrist, you are sure to make a style statement with its elegant design and contemporary mechanism.

So, let’s review this iconic piece’s history, features and how it has built a loyal following of buyers over the years.

The Origin of Seagull 1963 Watches

Seagull was founded in 1955 with a reasonable budget and a simple dream in one of China’s original industrial cities, Tianjin

The founders of Seagull took inspiration from their background in watch design to create their first signature piece.

Their new ideas and designs were loved by buyers, and since, the Seagull 1963 has played a significant role in the history of Chinese military watches, also gaining fame worldwide. 

The story of Seagull 1963 is undoubtedly awe-inspiring and truly provides inspiration for consumers.

About This Unique Timepiece

Following its initial success in 1963, the Seagull continues to carry its legacy with style. This is, without doubt, enabled thanks to the original 38mm version’s attractive design and price point.

The 38mm design came with a gold dial, gold markers and blue steel watch handles. Its military design made for an elegant and vintage look. The additional manual column-wheel chronograph movement(ST19) in the watch also added to its versatility. 

These quality features show that the company has never compromised on its excellence.

Shortly after the 38mm version’s triumph, Seagull launched a new elegant and much larger 42mm version. The brand also included two new colours in this version, expanding the options for its clients.

Those who still adore the classic gold tone can still get the look with the recent 42mm.

Panda Dials: A Modern Watch Style Statement

The white and black Seagull versions are commonly known as “Panda” dials due to their colour and striking resemblance to a Panda’s face.


The price of the latest 42mm sapphire crystal is $284.39.


Case Structure: Steel

Dial Colour: White

Presence of Lume: Found

Strap: Leather

Watch Dimensions: 42 into 48 millimetres

Strap Thickness: 13 millimetres

Crown: 6 into 4 millimetres screw-down

Warranty: Not known

Cost: $284.39

Panda Dials Benefits

Watch Casing

The new 1963 Panda Dial’s casing is made of stainless steel, having dimensions and thickness of 42 into 48 into 13 millimetres.

The one thing that I have experienced myself and admire the most is its rather short distance between the lugs that are especially adjustable for those who have smaller wrists. The overall case structure is simple yet elegant with the least finishing and has some fascinating geometry.

Central Design

The exquisite central design is one of a kind; it contains a circular shape with thick lugs. The side view of the central case is also impressive. 

We can’t say that it is exactly flat or is absolutely round, but the sides are rather concave.

Lay the crystal of the watch upside down, and you will see that it looks exactly like a bell’s cross-section. Very plain types of Chrono pushers are found at numbers 2 and 4, just like mini steel pipes. 

The crown present at 3 is large, measuring 6 x 4mm because this position is a hand-wound movement. Though there was a Seagull logo inscribed on the 38mm version, surprisingly, there is no such branding here. 

There is a special feature that is a display case back that depicts the complex and gorgeous ST19 movement inside. The edges of the case back are covered with different Chinese characters, a couple of stars, and numbers that add to the glamour of the watch.

One element that I adored in the original 38mm version, was the red screen-printed graphic on the glass. This feature was removed from the latest Seagull watch.


This watch’s dial is no different from the original one but is adjusted according to size. The design remains popular and desirable among its users, and it does not lose its originality.

Colour scheme

Talking about the Panda variety, as the name suggests, it has a striking black and white colour. 

The beauty of Panda is underpinned by the use of black colour around the outward edge of the dial, with a delicately printed black minute and chronograph seconds index with accuracy to one-fifth of a second.

Applied Markers

The applied markers are almost everyone’s favourite specs of these watches because they add to the decorative appearance of the watch. 

If you want to get the feeling of classic 60s style, the Panda Dials will get you a perfect style.

Other Specifications And Designs

There is a small red-coloured star right beneath the 12 that has got an applied silver border. The beauty of the Panda watch is the intricate details that are put in every design, which make it more elegant. Just below the star, there is written the words “21 Zuan”.

These words are a special kind of indication that depicts that the ST19 movement inside has twenty-one jewels.

Above the number 6 of the dial are four Chinese characters that show where the factory is located. This was also written on the older 38mm Seagull.

There is a 30-minute totalizer at number 3 while active seconds at 9. Both have large black circles with white indexes. These are highly contrasting to the matte white background and create the perfect contrast.

The design of Panda Dial is famous among its users and is impressive in its overall look. Not only does it complement the style but it also showcases a bi-complex chronograph. If you want to compare it with the classic gold-toned option, then it is slightly different, yet the style is vintage and a bit sportier.

The close links of Panda Dial watches with auto racing, just like the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona, also catches the eye.

If you are a Seagull watches admirer, then you must have noticed the difference in the hands of the Panda dial 1963 42mm as they are not similar to that of the gold dial.

Similarly, the main hour and minute hands are silver rectangles with small slivers of lime in this one, while they were blue steel stick hands in the original ones.

The chronograph seconds are a red stick, and the sub-dials have small silver stick hands.

Though these hands are appropriate according to the design, they are sometimes difficult to view, as the silver merges into the black. 

Seagull ST19 Movement

An interesting feature of the Seagull Panda Dial watches is the ST19 21-jewel column-wheel chronograph that is located right at the centre. The history behind the ST19 movement is quite fascinating. Just like the design of the dial of the watch, ST19 was also founded on the Swiss Venus 175 movement that was later on sold to the Chinese.

Though the modern version has come up with certain changes, there are plenty of similarities. The most notable is the column wheel. This wheel is much tougher; making it more unique than cam-style chronographs.

Other than the interesting history and work, what makes this movement so unusual is that it’s the sole mechanical chronograph that is economical. 

Flipping over your Panda Dial will show you some mysterious-looking blue screws, gold-tone gears, and a few decorated bridges. Not only is it an amazing sight, but it is mesmerizing to look at the movement when you play with the chronograph buttons. All of which is a lot to offer at such a reasonable price.

The movement is a non-hacking, manual wind that has no date function while the frequency is 21,600 BPH. I have a really good experience with the watch as I have never noticed any kind of inaccuracy in the movement.

There are certain issues with the chronograph, like the problem of sensation (you cannot experience any sensation at all after the Chrono is reset. 

The other issue that we cannot deny occurs whenever the chronograph is paused. After that, the second’s hand falls behind anywhere from half to a full second. This means you cannot rely on it as an accurate timing instrument, however, it is not really used for this purpose. 

Straps and Durability

A 22 mm chocolate brown leather strap that has brown stitching seems decent enough, but does it also complement the 1963 42mm Panda Dial? That’s the real deal. If you ask me, then it becomes quite tedious when it is put together with the stylish design of the watch. 

Given the choice, I would have considered a black strap that comes with white stitching to match the style of this dial. One thing that I appreciate is its buckle which is much more solid and thick. There is no particular sign or interesting design engraved on it, yet it seems good to go and durable. 

The watch has a relatively tiny bezel than the dial that dominates. Its colours and vintage elements increase its versatility and give it a classic look. The lug-to-lug size of 48mm and 13mm height also allows for a comfortable wrist fit.

Water Resistance

Although it’s a sports’ watch and popular among athletes, its water resistance is quite poor. I think it could be best described as a dressy sports’ watch.  


The Seagull 1963 42mm Panda Dial watch is undoubtedly an amazing watch that has made its mark due to its unique characteristics and fine colour scheme. Its colour combinations are phenomenal, with extra intricate designs that add to its charm.

Although the original gold-tone still has classic appeal, the new Panda dial versions also are proving popular among modern youth. 

Despite a few issues, this watch appeals to those who are true Seagull admirers. The price range is reasonable.

All in all, this quality watch has incredible style and will ensure that you always have a perfect accessory.

Final comments:

* There are a couple of instances where the writer/reviewer seems to shift between opinions, which doesn’t give the review a clear direction (an example is the sports’ watch above where the point is simple – it doesn’t do well underwater).

* There are also facts missing in key pieces of the copy such as the founder’s names.

* Several grammatical errors and sentences that simply aren’t making sense.