The Seagull St17 : The Movement And It’s Background

seagull st17

The seagull st17 : the movement and it’s background

The ST17 movement is made by Sea-Gull, arguably one of the biggest manufacturers of mechanical movements worldwide. The movement’s design, which has been in production since 2001, is based on that of its predecessor, the ST16.

The upgrades from the previous version include Jump-hour, big date, and power reserve. Also there’s a skeleton version, both with hand-winding and with automatic movement.

The features are ideal for a watch of 38 mm. If there’d be downfall, it would be that folks still regard Chinese produced movements as being inferior. Some of the main points would be a higher defect rate and a more nonchalant finishing of the movements. However, with good quality control and decent warranties, problems can be considerably reduced!

seagull st17

On the one hand, there are people who appreciate the deal of getting a fine watch for less money than one that appears similar but costs significantly more. On the other hand, there are individuals who find it impossible to overlook a watch with a lower valued movement and cannot accept the idea that the quality may be the same as their much more expensive non-china made counterparts.

This movement on itself is very cheap and if you can get it from a trusted seller that will provide you with the (much needed) warranty, it could offer you great value for it’s extremely small price tag.

Let’s zoom in on some of the details that the seagull st17 movement has to offer:

The general specifications of the Sea-gull ST1701

  • The beat rate is 21,6k Beats per hour, 3 Hertz
  • Power reserve of about 40 hours
  • At the six, we see the small seconds
  • Date, no date, skeleton, jumping hour variations
  • There are different versions with 20 jewels, 25 jewels or 28 jewels. In harmony with Miyota and it’s using a Seiko-style automatic winding movement

Some of the more well-known watches that have this movement include the Rodina Automatic and a lot of the Baltany watches.

Curious to read more about the Seagull movements? Make sure to browse around on our site, we have written plenty abou them. We mainly love the Seagull 1963, since it has so much history and is a reliable clock with very unique aesthetics. Shop our collection here if you’re looking to get one.

seagull st17 movement