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Hovini Black Saffiano Watch Roll – One Slots


This Hovini watch roll is designed to fit two watches. Just like all our leather products, it’s handmade in Italy. We used green Saffiano leather on the outside and a suede lining on the inside. All cushions use an easy snap button system which makes it effortless to store your watch in the roll. The Hovini watch roll is a perfect tool to showcase and protect your beloved watches in an elegant way.

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Store and present your beloved wristwatches in an elegant watch roll from our brand new collection. If you’re taking your watches with you on an adventure, at least make sure that they’re safe. When showcasing your watches in this luxurious watch roll, you’ll be sure that your timepieces become the center of attention.


As a watch lover, you spend little moments with your beloved timepieces every day. Our mission is to make those daily moments even more special. As a watch fanatic, you experience such moments with your watches when you store them or take them with you. Easily store and take your watches with you on the move while keeping them protected at all times.


You don’t get your food served on a cardboard plate in a fancy restaurant. It ruins the experience and doesn’t feel right to the chef. The same goes for luxury timepieces that were made with a certain level of design and finishing. That is exactly why our watch rolls are being crafted with the same level of craftsmanship and eye for detail as your beloved timepieces themselves.

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* This product is currently out of stock