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Hello my name is Stefan, from Hamburg Germany, and I am a watch collector and I’m especially thrilled about unique and classic masterpieces that are a little less mainstream.

It was August 10th when I bought my first chronograph and it was the Seagull 1963 38mm sapphire version, and it is so awesome that it makes me believe that this should be the first chronograph every fanatic watch collector should buy.

The seagull 1963 watch is a very wearable watch, both for casual occasions and events where you want to be more dressed up.

This neat and simple champagne dial on this red star 38mm and the unique combination of these colors, the gold and the blue, and by just looking at it, you will say it is a basic chronograph.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, because as you start the watch, you’ll see that it’s actually very sophisticated.

 As I look at my Seagull vintage watch at first glance, it seems simple, but then I look into its open caseback and i can see and hear the 21 jewels hand-wind mechanical ST19 movement and that makes you realise that it’s actually a very sophisticated watch.

 If you are looking for an amazing chronographic watch, I would highly recommend this sexy, elegant, and most desirable watch: the red star seagull 1963.I can personally guarantee you: it  will bring you a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment.

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