What is a Chronograph Watch?

In the world of today, watches do much more than just telling the time. Some watches have a stopwatch functionality

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6 Signs to Recognize a High-Quality Watch – Buying Guide

You may be wondering whether the watch you are paying for is worth your dollars or if you are just

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What is a Swan Neck Regulator in 1963 Watches?

The Swan Neck Regulator sure sounds like a fancy name, but what is it and is it actually essential? Nowadays,

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Tachymeter Seagull 1963 Explained

Ever wondered about the numbers scribbled on the bezel of your watch? What do they mean and what are they

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10 Reasons Why the Seagull 1963 is an Essential Part of Your Collection

As watch lovers, we look further than just the watch ‘specs’ or the aesthetics of the watch. A true watch

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Acrylic Vs Sapphire Glass Strength – Which is the Best for Your Seagull 1963

The original Seagull 1963 came with a dome-shaped acrylic glass. However, a lot of people are wearing their Seagull 1963

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