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Discovering The Seagull St36 Movement

About Seagull

In January 1955, Tianjin Watch Factory was established by the government of the People’s Republic of China. The Tianjin Watch Factory received recognition as a national business in 1990, and the Tianjin Seagull Corporation was established in 1992.

The Tianjin Seagull Watch Group went public in 2000, and a representative office was established in Hong Kong in 2003. The business relocated to new production and administrative buildings close to Tianjin Airport in 2010.

Seagull presently employs over 3000 people and they produce almost 100 different types of timepieces, including tourbillons, quarter repeaters, and minute repeaters, as well as a variety of high-end, mid-range, and low-end multipurpose automatic mechanical watches. They produce over 5 million movements each and every year, they account for a quarter of the total global production of mechanical watch movements.

The seagull st36 movement

Other known names for this moment are 3600K, ST3600K, ST36K, ST-3600K and ST36.

The mechanical manual-wind calibre ST3600 from Tianjin Seagull, an ETA 6497 clone, is a well-known affordable movement. They K you’ll see mentioned sometimes means that its skeletonized.

Is the seagull st36 movement any good? The phrase “you get what you pay for” is self-explanatory. An inferior metal may be acceptable for some portions of the movements where there isn’t much mechanical stress, such the barrel bridge, where a fully wound mainspring exerts a substantial amount of pressure.

There is a variation in gem quality, and a watch mechanism is more than just a collection of jewels and metals. Some of those metals must be appropriately heat treated and polished. If you didn’t give the watch any attention at all, you probably wouldn’t notice the latter. 
To produce a movement for $40, they must make a lot of compromises. Purchasing a watch and receiving five or ten years of use out of it is simple; but, quality will prevail when the watch needs repair.

There are undoubtedly both worse and better movements in existence. At this price point, expectations of a movement that you’ll work your whole life is just unrealistic.

There are some exceptional Chinese movements available that are so good that Swiss watches employ them as ebauches, proving that not all Chinese movements are made equal! Overall Seagull is known to produce decent quality. Choose a high-quality watch if you intend to wear it and pass it down to your children. If not, the seagull will likely be alright as well.

An unmaintained Seagull ST-3600 shouldn’t be expected to endure more than a few years under constant use.

The seagull st36 specifications

  • Feature: Hand wind
  • Model Number: ST36
  • Dial Diameter: 36.6mm
  • Movement: Mechanical Hand Wind
  • Height: 4.5mm
  • Jewels: 17

The seagull st36 movement

Some known models with the seagull St36: Sea-Gull M222SK, Invicta 5001, Invicta 17265, Invicta 1090, Invicta 1088

The Seagull St17 : The Movement And It’s Background

The ST17 movement is made by Sea-Gull, arguably one of the biggest manufacturers of mechanical movements worldwide. The movement’s design, which has been in production since 2001, is based on that of its predecessor, the ST16.

The upgrades from the previous version include Jump-hour, big date, and power reserve. Also there’s a skeleton version, both with hand-winding and with automatic movement.

The features are ideal for a watch of 38 mm. If there’d be downfall, it would be that folks still regard Chinese produced movements as being inferior. Some of the main points would be a higher defect rate and a more nonchalant finishing of the movements. However, with good quality control and decent warranties, problems can be considerably reduced!

seagull st17

On the one hand, there are people who appreciate the deal of getting a fine watch for less money than one that appears similar but costs significantly more. On the other hand, there are individuals who find it impossible to overlook a watch with a lower valued movement and cannot accept the idea that the quality may be the same as their much more expensive non-china made counterparts.

This movement on itself is very cheap and if you can get it from a trusted seller that will provide you with the (much needed) warranty, it could offer you great value for it’s extremely small price tag.

Let’s zoom in on some of the details that the seagull st17 movement has to offer:

The general specifications of the Sea-gull ST1701

  • The beat rate is 21,6k Beats per hour, 3 Hertz
  • Power reserve of about 40 hours
  • At the six, we see the small seconds
  • Date, no date, skeleton, jumping hour variations
  • There are different versions with 20 jewels, 25 jewels or 28 jewels. In harmony with Miyota and it’s using a Seiko-style automatic winding movement

Some of the more well-known watches that have this movement include the Rodina Automatic and a lot of the Baltany watches.

Curious to read more about the Seagull movements? Make sure to browse around on our site, we have written plenty abou them. We mainly love the Seagull 1963, since it has so much history and is a reliable clock with very unique aesthetics. Shop our collection here if you’re looking to get one.

seagull st17 movement

The Seagull Ocean star: a Sea-gull diver watch worth mentioning

Some context about Seagull

Seagull is a watchmaking company, officially called Tianjin Seagull Watch Group. They are situated in Tianjin, China. It was established in 1955 and today accounts for a fourth of the volume of all mechanical watch movements produced worldwide. They are mainly known for their cheap pricepoints and good price/quality value movements.

The aesthetics

At 44mm in diameter, the case is a bit larger than average. The lugs, however, are appropriately formed and don’t stick out significantly. Still, a 42mm diameter case would feel more appropriate for average wrists. The case and bezel are entirely brushed and it gives a very luxurious look to it, something you might not expect at its price point. The polished bezel offers a strong grip, and the blue insert matches the dial.

The deep flat blue dial is definitely the show-stopper, with a deep shade that exudes luxury. The hour markers have a polished border and a lumed centre, with a double marker at 12 and a single marker on the other hours. These details have been finished with a great eye for detailing.

The minute and hour hands are made in the same way as the hour markers, with a pitched sword shape and an enlarged tip. The second hand is a straight stick with a lumed tip and a pleasingly formed counterweight.

This bracelet appears to be nicely crafted and sturdy in general. The links are substantial, well-finished, and well-machined; they feel smooth and cosy against the wrist.

Unfortunately, the Sea-Gull emblem imprinted on top of the screw-in crown does not line up with the rest of the watch, but no watches in this price range do either. Still, to perfectionistic eyes this could be a big downside from an aesthetics point of view. 

The screw-in caseback has a funky, vintage-like sign to it. This almost feels like a separate logo of the Ocean star by itself, as it is completely different from the regular seagull logo we see on the dial.

It’s definitely a matter of personal opinion whether you like this font or not, personally we found it to have a fun vintage vibe to it and definitely loved the looks of it.

Overall, the aesthetics are much more luxurious and well-designed than a typical watch at this price point. Big shout out to Seagull for the eye for details on this one!

Specifications of the Seagull Ocean Diver

The Sea-Gull ST2130 movement, an ETA 2824-2 clone is what drives the Sea-Gull Ocean.

It has a high beat, runs at 28.8k bph (8 ticks per second), the wheels are far better produced and polished than its peers and the movement appears to be capable of handling the 28,8k bph! It has 40 hours of power reserve and 26 jewels in the movement.

The movement on this watch is nicely finished with pearlage on the bridges and rotor, sadly you can’t see it because of the closed case back, but whether you find this an advantage or not, is a matter of personal opinion ofcourse.

  • Size: 44 mm in diameter, 13 mm in height, and 50 mm from lug to lug Weight: 178 g
  • 22mm lug width
  • sapphire crystal
  • Movement: ST2130 Sea-Gull
  • 200m water resistancer28.8k Beats per hour

Overall, it is clear that this movement is an improvement above the typical 21,600 bph Chinese movements. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin

Difference between 19 zuan and 21 zuan on the seagull 1963 dial

A few common questions we often get are: what is the exact difference between the 19 zuan watch and the 21 zuan watch?

Is the 19 zuan chronograph movement inferior to the 21 zuan movement? Is there any performance difference between the 19 zuan Seagull and the 21 zuan version?

To answer these questions we first have to know what ‘zuan’ actually means! The literal translation from Chinese to English of ‘zuan’ in the context of watch movements is the ‘jewel’. But what are these jewels actually for in a watch?

Jewels in a watch movement are the bearing. Mechanical watches (both automatic and handwinding movements) don’t use any battery but instead use spring-wound movements where a spring is winded with potential energy that is slowly released to make the watch run.

Just like with any other ‘engine’, moving and rotating parts like gears need bearings to reduce friction. The bearings in a mechanical watch movement are called ‘jewels’.

These jewels were made from precious gemstones in the past since they are smooth and don’t allow for a lot of friction, thus making the watch gears run more efficiently.

In the first decades of watchmaking, natural genuine ruby stones were used to create these bearings in the movement. Slowly these natural rubies were replaced by synthetic rubies created in a lab or even sapphires.

All parts that make contact with each other and could easily wear down like escape levers, impulse wheel, gears, balance wheel, etc. have these natural or synthetic gemstone bearings making the watch more reliable and run smoothly. Without the bearings the watch components would easily get worn out.

The more complications a watch has, the more moving parts, thus the more bearings it would need since more bearings are needed to reduce friction between moving components.

Watches with perpetual calendars, chronographs with a start/stop function, tourbillon watches,… naturally use more bearings than simple movements with only a date function.

What is not true is that the more jewels are used, the better quality a watch movement has! This is a common misconception between watchmakers and watch retailers.

Around 1960 there were a lot of manufacturers who were competing to produce watches with the most amount of jewels (some going as far as using 100+ jewels!), purely for the fact that people assumed more jewels meant a more complicated movement.

In 1974 the ‘over-use’ of jewels for marketing practices was stopped by the ISO 1112 standard. This prevented watch factories from using excess non-functional jewels in their watches just for advertising purposes!

subtitle: What is the difference between the Seagull 1963 19 zuan and 21 zuan?

On some Seagull 1963 watches we see ‘Seagull 19 zuan’ printed on the dial just below the golden bordered red star under 12 o-clock, on some dials we see the 21 zuan printed.

The difference between the ‘19 zuan 1963’ and the ‘21 zuan’ version is quite simple! The acrylic watches have ‘19 zuan’ printed on the dial while the sapphire watches have ‘21 zuan’ printed on the dial.

The reason why acrylic watches have ‘19 zuan’ printed on the dial is because the original project d304 from 1963 was only produced with an acrylic glass and the movement back then had 19 jewels.

It’s just a hint to the past, a more faithful reproduction of the original, nothing more, nothing less. All watches that use a Seagull st1901 movement have 21 jewels these days.

Since the sapphire version of the Seagull 1963 chronograph watch was only recently added to the collection, the choice was made to print the actual amount of jewels the st19 movement has on the watch dial!

Hope this explanation cleared it up for you guys, let us know if you have any other questions ?

The Seagull 1963 Chronograph: A movement of significance

Let’s face it: in this day and age, we don’t buy watches to tell the time. We buy it because we love the watches for the aesthetics, the movement, the historic value and/or all of the above.

At the end of this short blog, you’ll realize that the Seagull chrono lacks nothing in all the abovementioned. Before we get into the nitty gritty of the Seagull 1963 mechanical chronograph movement, let’s take a step back and provide some well-needed context about this watch and its place in the world of horology.

A broad variety of luxury watchmaking brands exist in the world of horology, all of which value accuracy and timeless designs above all else. The majority of these businesses are based in Switzerland, Germany, the US, and Japan.

However, there are a number of watch firms outside of the aforementioned countries that are grossly underappreciated by the general public. The Seagull 1963 chronograph, for example, springs to mind immediately if you’re a connoisseur. This is a traditional Chinese watch with great historical and functional significance. If you’re a watch collector, you’re probably already familiar with the Seagull 1963, but if not: boy, do we have a treat for you!

There are a lot of watch brands that took on a theme as the main topic in their branding. Think about brands like Breitling and airplanes, or Tag Heuer and racing. Once affiliating that also has happened quite a bit, is with a military-related theme. Brands like Alpina and Casio are great examples of this.

With most, this is ‘merely branding’. However, in the case of the Seagull 1963, this affiliation with the military is as authentic as it can be. The Chinese army ordered the Tianjin factory to create these watches for their military pilots.

Now you see why the manufacturing of the seagull chronograph watch, at the time referred to as ‘project D304’, was of such importance: it was the very first ‘proud to be Chinese’ watch… ever!

Many years after the war, an ex-employee over at Seagull’s started to re-issue this original timepiece. Even Though nobody owns the actual design rights to the watch, many still review the Seagull chronograph movement as the original version. This resulted in a test run / ‘limited’ edition of the reissued version of Seagull 1963 watches. 

After the initial success within a niche community of fans, Seagull itself produced a ‘limited’ run again of 5000 pieces, but it’s very clear that the focus of their brand lies elsewhere, movement production is exactly that. When demand exceeds the available units, others try to copy it and that’s exactly what happened here too.

Many other Chinese factories even copied the movement and made a whole knock-off version. A handful of others sourced their movement at the original Seagull factory and applied a very high level of attention to details, the most renowned of them is the Red Star factory.

Almost all of such knock-off manufacturers that offer poor quality and are riding a trend of over-demand are (luckily) dead these days, however there are still some big players that just put a random name on the watch, like the Sugess chronograph watches that still sell on sites like Aliexpress.

That’s why you need to make sure to always get your Seagull 1963 from a trusted seller, as there’s a lot of false information going around from Chinese sellers. Besides the huge historic relevance, there’s something else that might be even more exciting: the 1963 chronograph movement.

Some collectors argue that this is the movement that offers you the best bang for your buck. We couldn’t agree more: the 1963 chronograph is one of a kind.

This Seagull chronograph is a hand-wound mechanical movement that has a power reserve of 45 hour. This hand-winding chronograph originated from the ‘Venus 175’, it’s ancestor. This is why the Seagull 1963 deserves to be recognized by more than just seasoned watch collectors. 

There are many different versions available of this watch these days. Just just with a slightly different design, but some with a slightly different movement in it too. There’s for example also a Seagull moonphase chronograph, you can check it out HERE.

As you might have realized by now, the Seagull 1963 is a little gem that if you stumble upon it as a collector, you might consider yourself lucky to find such an undervalued watch. The combination of historical importance, the sophisticated movement and the iconic and unique design makes it a must-have. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin

The HKED watches: what are they and are they worth it?

If you’re a watch fanatic, you’re in for a treat. Today, we’re shining some light on a pretty under-the-radar collection of timepieces: The Hked Seagull 1963 watches. Before we get into the Hked watches, let’s provide some context and tell you about the Seagull 1963 watches, since the Hked 1963 are based on those.

The Seagull 1963 is an iconic watch with an unheard of combination of historical significance, a valuable movement, a very unique design ánd it is affordable! The Seagull 1963 as we know it today, is based on the original “Project 304”, which was created for the Chinese Air Force in 1966, with an initial run of only 1400 pieces.

Production of the movement was restarted when Tianjin Seagull Corporation was founded in 1992, with commemorative “Sea-Gull” chronograph watches employing the ST19 movement, debuting in 2005.

Since then, the ST19 series has grown in popularity among budget-conscious watch collectors all over the world.

This homage watch has gained a substantial community around it and throughout the years, many new designs and variants have entered the market.

A few of them are very close to the original design, with just a different size of case or a different color dial. In 2017, a forum user named Hked (Ed is from Hong Kong) teamed up with the same people that created the popular Seagull 1963 reissues (Thomas, the owner of Red Star watch factory to be exact) to create new versions.

With these Hked watches, the chronograph subdials have been gently recessed and textured with small circular ribbing, while the casing and acrylic crystal remain unchanged.

The PLAAF’s ‘star trek’ logo has taken the place of the Chinese red star logo. The second hand of the red chronograph has been replaced. 

The dial wording ’19 ZUAN ZHONGGUO’ has been changed from the original Chinese to English.

They have the exact same movements, the exact same ‘template’ for the design, but just a few design tweaks, which many people seem to love a lot. The Hked chronograph is the same as the seagull chronograph. This Sea-Gull ST19 movement is based on the Venus 175 family, which was sold to the Tianjin Watch Factory in the early 1960s after it went out of production. 

These watches are powered by a 19-jewel hand-winding chronograph movement with a 40-hour power reserve. The Seagull’s movement is consistent and is actually quite precise. 

The running seconds and elapsed minutes are displayed on the two available subdials. The minute dial, like other mechanical chronographs, only counts 30 minutes since it would be impossible to read accurately otherwise.

The first prototype finished in 1963, a date that has remained synonymous with all of the variants available from the seagull 1963 watches today. The Hked ed63 (it’s what they are referred to) watches come in many stunning designs. 

What’s your favorite one? Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin

Seagull watch movements and their deep history

The Tianjin Seagull Watch Group was founded in 1955 and is currently the world’s biggest watch movement factory for mechanical watches worldwide. It produces a quarter of ALL watch movements globally!

In January 1955, the People’s republic of China government ordered 4 watch specialists to produce a national watch in China for the People’s liberation army. That watch is currently known as the Seagull 1963 (due to being produced from 1955 to 1963). Their first strategic move was to buy the Swiss Venus 175 patents and specialized production machinery and produce the Seagull 1963 movement in China itself.

The Tianjin Seagull Watch Group (天津海鸥) produced a variety of watch brands over the years.

From 1955 to 1958 they produced a brand called WuXing, from 1958 to 1966 the brand WuYi was launched, from 1966 to 1974 Dong Feng and from 1974 to current times their watch brand is called ‘Seagull’.

In 1990 the Chinese government awarded the watch movement and watch factory the status of national company. This had a few big implications, they were now one of the biggest companies in China specializing in the Seagull automatic movement and they got financial support from the central government to expand further, faster and bigger in a short amount of time.

In 2000 the Seagull Tianjin Watch Group went public on the stock exchange and got an even bigger push to grow.

The Sea-gull watch brand is the watch groups in-house watch brand using Seagull movements.

Seagull watch movements are made in many different shapes and forms. The watch group makes automatic self-winding movements, tourbillon and chronograph movements and is known for its high quality and affordability.

The watch factory is also mastering more complex watch movements with features such as perpetual calendars, minute repeater, a moonphase, visible power reserve and retrograde dates.

If you are a watch lover and have a big collection yourself, the odds are pretty high that you have a Seagull watch movement in one of your pieces. If you don’t, we highly recommend you checking out the newly launched Seagull 1963 moonphase edition which combines the iconic Seagull hand winding chronograph movement with a moonphase feature. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin

The 10 Best Valued Homage Watches – Review

Are you a fan of luxury watches, but the price and waiting lists of getting them simply makes your head hurt? If so, then this article is just for you. You don’t want knock-off Chinese goods, nor do you want to spend a fortune on the original brand: then homage watches are here to the rescue. 

What are homage watches? Here’s the short version: homage watches are the exact duplicates of the original high-end timepieces in terms of design and are oftenly even equipped with improved modifications, all at a budget-friendly price. Homage watches are the ideal substitutes for expensive luxury watches as they are easily accessible, have the same slick design and are very affordable. 

A homage watch is by no means a fake or a replica watch. It is simply an affordable alternative to the original timepieces, oftenly with a slight twist to it. A good homage watch always comes from a manufacturer that is trying to build a brand with consistent quality and service. If they’re merely trying to copy a design, put a cheap movement in the watch and don’t care about customer service, quality control or a good reputation in general, you’re simply dealing with an unprofessional knockoff ‘brand’. That is why you need to understand the distinction between good and bad homage brands. 

Almost all homage watch brands will have their manufacturing done in China, since this plays a big role in being able to create very affordable timepieces. Although they don’t always have the most reliable reputation when it comes to watch production, there are some Chinese manufacturers that have proved themselves when it comes to delivering a consistent quality. 

These Chinese manufactured watches we are referring to not only exhibit the highest quality standards as we know them from manufacturers in the Western countries, but they are also extremely inexpensive in comparison. 

In this article, we will take a look at the 10 best-valued homage watches that are adored by watch enthusiasts worldwide.

  1. Aviation Watch Homage of Seagull 1963:

The Seagull 1963 watches have a reputable status in the community of watch enthusiasts. The Aviation watch homage of the original Seagull 1963, the way it originally was made back in the second world war, is one of the greatest homage watches ever made. With the backstory, the unique design and the ST1901 movement inside, this is a total no-brainer for every watch enthusiast. This homage watch is available in all sorts of dials, but all with an iconic red star that pays tribute to the original aviation timepiece. Other features which resemble the original classic design include the golden watch hands, the red seconds hand, and a retro texture. Thus, the Aviation watch homage of the Seagull 1963 chronograph watch provides all the aspects of the original aviation series, at a much more reasonable price, making it a must-have homage watch for collectors. We love these homage watches so much that we actually started to offer them in our webstore a while ago. Feel free to read more about the Seagull 1963 watches or to check out our collection of Seagull 1963 watches we offer.

  1. Corgeut Black Bay:

This extravagant homage watch is based on the design of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay. Obviously, the original Tudor watches are expensive and not all can afford them, hence the introduction of its homage version. It comes with a Sapphire crystal glass and a reliable Japanese movement. It also offers 100M of water resistance and the design of this watch is inspired by the original sensational Tudor model. All the design specs, such as the snowflake hands of the watch, the black dial with gold accents, no crown guards, and the 41mm watch case resemble the original Tudor. The Japanese Automatic movement and the water resistance features are an additional plus for this homage watch, all at an affordable price! 

3. San Martin Water Ghost:

The San Martin Water Ghost watch is the homage watch that was inspired by the classical Rolex Submariner. The Rolex Submariner is one of the models of Rolex that got famous due to the fact that Sean Connery used to wear it in the early James Bond films. This Hollywood affiliation itself adds to the price tag of the watch. Fortunately, the San Martin homage watch covers all the design features and specs of the original iconic Rolex Submariner, such as the standout crown, the Mercedes hands, the aged lume, and the 38mm watch case. Moreover, this homage timepiece is equipped with a sapphire crystal and a Seiko automatic movement which makes this homage even more unique. 

4. Pagani Design Seamaster 007:

This watch is another one of the James Bond classics and is a duplicate of the Omega seamaster. We all know how costly Omega watches can be so the Pagani homage watch serves to be the most perfect substitute. This homage watch resembles the original Omega in many design aspects but the only notable difference between this homage watch and the original Omega is in the watch case. The original Omega has a titanium case whereas the Pagani homage has a stainless steel case along with 100M of water resistance, sapphire crystal, and a Seiko movement. 

5. Seagull 1963 Red Army Wuxing Homage:

This epic homage watch reflects the design of the first-ever Chinese watches manufactured back in 1955. This homage watch is a reflection of the vintage style in ancient Chinese watches. The mineral glass top, the retro spring steel strap, the off-white or champagne color dial, and the symbolic red star, all resemble the design of the original classic. This homage watch is a must-have for watch lovers who are passionate about vintage watches. It falls a bit in the same space as the Seagull 1963 and you can check more about the Red army wuxing homage watch on our website!

6. Parnis Datejust:

This epic watch is a homage to the classical model of Rolex, the Datejust. The original Rolex Datejust is one of the vintage staples in the world of watchmaking and it also has a historic affiliation with Winston Churchill. The Parnis Datejust perfectly copies the original design of the Rolex classic. It maintains the simplicity and authenticity of the design by using a plain bezel. The feature which makes this homage affordable is the fact that it is equipped with a Chinese automatic movement. This watch is a great companion for those Rolex fans who are in the search of an affordable vintage watch. 

7. Alpha Explorer:

Alpha Explorer is the copy of the iconic Rolex Explorer 1. The original Rolex has a very sleek vintage design and some would argue that it has a good ‘value for money’ ratio. Needless to say, the Rolex brand stamp on it comes with a price tag. The Alpha Explorer homage watch is the optimal alternative to the original Rolex. It resembles the original Rolex in terms of the 36mm watchcase design, the Mercedes hands, and the bold numerics. The difference is in the movement of this watch as this homage watch uses a Chinese Seagull automatic movement. Moreover, it is equipped with a sapphire crystal and can be purchased at a very budget-friendly price. 

8. Steeldive Ploprof:

This timepiece is a homage to the Omega Ploprof watch. The Steeldive Ploprof resembles the original Omega Ploprof in many aspects such as the locking bezel, the 9 o’clock crown, the watch hands, and the watch case. Moreover, this homage watch has a 1200M of water resistance, a mesh bracelet, and a sapphire crystal which makes it a must-have for watch enthusiasts. The Steeldive Polprof has a great and reliable Seiko automatic movement, resulting in an affordable price tag. 

9. Benyar Milgauss:

The Benyar Milgauss is the copy of the Rolex Milgauss, which is the only Rolex watch with a tinted crystal. The Benyar Milgauss is a really fun homage watch as it resembles the original Rolex in many design aspects, especially the color factor. For many people even with hefty budgets for their watches, this would be a very ‘fun and playful’ watch to get, but the price tag is just something that would keep them from getting this, since this wouldn’t be a ‘daily wear’ watch for most people. The homage version has the green crystal, colorful markers, and a lightning bolt hand which makes this homage watch seem fairly identical to the original Rolex Milgauss, all at an inexpensive price.

10. Heimdallr 62MAS:

This watch is a homage to the first-ever dive watch by Seiko. The original watch is no doubt very expensive which is why the Heimdallr 62MAS homage watch is the ideal alternative. This homage watch also has a vintage style and all the diver style specs. Moreover, this homage watch has a Japanese automatic movement and a domed sapphire crystal, all at a low-cost price. 

This concludes our list of the top 10 best-valued homage watches. We hope you found this article helpful, feel free to share it with friends or to drop us a follow on social media if you did!

What is an Homage Watch?

If you are a watch enthusiast then you must be very passionate about adding a Rolex or an Omega to your watch collection. But let’s get real for a second, having a Rolex and Omega sure sounds fancy, but it also screams expensive. Not everybody, especially the new members in the community of watch lovers, can afford it. But does that mean that you simply have to give up your love for high-end watches? Absolutely not! There is a solution to this pricey problem and two words have the answer – homage watch. 

Homage watches are an excellent replacement for pricey high-end watches. In fact, they even come with a few updates that make them stand out even more than the original. Diving into the watch enthusiast community, not everyone is a fan of these watches, since some categorize it as a ‘rip off’. But that should never stop you from getting one. Homage watches have certainly made it easier for watch enthusiasts to expand their collections, in a budget-friendly way. So, by now you must be wondering: “What exactly is an homage watch?”

In this article, we will walk you through the meaning and the idea of a homage watch and why homage watches are an exceptional choice when it comes to luxury timepieces. So, let’s dive right in! 

What is the Meaning of an Homage Watch?

The meaning of an homage watch is reflected by its name. The word ‘homage’ means to pay respect or show honor to, which is exactly what homage watches are all about. They pay homage, or pay respect, or are in the honor of a pre-existing luxurious watch design. These watches gain inspiration from any famous existing design but are not exact replicas. They are somehow different from the original design, and the features owing to this difference make these homage watches even more unique! 

Think of it this way, you see a Rolex watch, the Rolex Submariner for example, and you instantly fall in love with its exclusive design. You want to buy it at the spot and make it a part of your timepiece collection but there is something holding you back – the price tag. An easy way out of this pricey dilemma is to purchase a homage watch instead. The homage of the Rolex Submariner will be its twin in design and will outshine the original one by incorporating some core factors that were missing in the original Rolex Submariner, all at a low cost as well! Sure sounds like a dream come true for many watch lovers!

We selected the best valued homage watches according to our knowledge!

Why You Should Get a Homage Watch

If you are still being dicey about the authenticity of these homage watches, then allow us to tell you a secret; these homage watches are perfectly legal! The whole idea of homage watches is to pay tribute to the existing design with some small modifications. These watches are not a replica, rather they are an improved and affordable version of the original watches. Below are some of the reasons why you should definitely get some homage watches:

1. Replacement for Expensive High-End Watches:

High-end luxury watches are no doubt the sweethearts in the realm of watches, but they are extremely expensive. Not all can afford to make them a part of their dream collection. These watches are pricey due to a number of factors such as their material, complex movements, finishing, etc. Homage watches serve as an excellent substitute for these luxury watches. They are basically the economical version of the high-end watches. On the outside, they look the same as the original watch, but to reduce the cost, homage watches use inexpensive replacements when it comes to the material, finishing, and the watch movement. For example, instead of using a sapphire watch glass crystal, these watches use a mineral or quartz crystal. Similarly, instead of having a complex swan neck regulator in the mechanical movement, homage watches usually use a quartz movement instead. These factors help to bring down the cost of the timepiece, making it a budget friendly high-end watch. 

2. Accessibility to Limited Pieces:

The best thing about homage watches is that through these timepieces, you can easily access the limited edition pieces or the ones which have been discontinued. Watches vary with trends. Sometimes the weather calls for small watches while sometimes, the trend shifts towards big dial watches. In order to keep up with the latest trends and styles, many brands often discontinue some ancient designs that get out of fashion. The watch community is a small place and getting these vintage pieces seems impossible, but thanks to homage watches, any watch lover can easily access these limited editions or discontinued designs in the form of homage watches. A prime example is the Red Army ‘Wuxing Homage’ Handwinding watch which is an improved and inexpensive version of the original. 

3. Affordability:

Expensive luxury watches are not everyone’s cup of tea. So, in order to quench your thirst for high-end watches, homage timepieces are the optimal substitute. Instead of spending your entire paycheck on a single watch, you can get a similar watch design and much more at an extremely modest budget. This cost friendly aspect of homage watches keeps on attracting watch lovers to get their hands on some homages.

That’s all about homage watches. These valuable inexpensive timepieces are surely bound to expand your precious watch collection. Hope you found this article enlightening and helpful! 

The Seagull 1963. The Most Attainable Mechanical Chronograph Watch On the Market Right Now.

The Seagull 1963 is the most fascinating watches to come out, or rather, be re-released, in a short period. It experiened a lot of attention from watch forums and fashion blogs because, simply put, it’s a great-looking and affordable watch with authentic vintage styling that pays homage to non-Swiss watchmaking history. Sure, if you’re a watch enthusiast, you’re very likely aware of the Seagull brand as a utmost manufacturer of movements and watches (including tourbillons), but you probably don’t own one. Your watch’s movement is most likely made by ETA, Ronda, Miyota, or Seiko (yes, making big generalizations, but wait for the point). Nonetheless, Seagull, or Tianjin Seagull, is one of the four (or three, depending on who you ask) largest watch manufacturers in the world today.

There are bargain brands, such as Android, Stuhrling, and Aeromatic 1912, and “homage” brands that use Seagull mechanical movements because they are less expensive and more accessible than their Swiss counterparts, but true Seagull brand watches are rare. It’s difficult to say whether this is by the stigma of Chinese manufacturing being cheap and unreliable, traditionalism in watchmaking that says “if it isn’t Swiss, it isn’t good,” a lack of brand recognition, or poor product positioning (or a combination thereof) without extensive market research… We all know how important “Swiss Made” is for a watch brand, and that “made in China” does not always inspire trust.

For relatively cheap watches, they appear to be primarily designed to compete in the luxury market. So, the Seagull 1963 has made waves as an affordable and sexy watch that should teach the brand how to bring a watch to the US market.

Overall, the Seagull 1963 is a fantastic watch that appeals to both novice and experienced watch enthusiasts. This watch is affordable, making it suitable for those on a tight budget. Furthermore, the Seagull 1963 is a breath of fresh air in the watchmaking industry, as Chinese watches are rare. Sampling a variety of watchmakers worldwide allows us to immerse ourselves in their cultures for a short time, which adds to the appeal of the Seagull 1963.


When you first look at the Seagull 1963, you might think it’s just a simple quartz watch with a few features. In reality, it is a fantastic tool watch with robust functionalities. This is to be expected given the Chinese air force’s trust in the Seagull in 1963, to the point where strict confidentiality was imposed during its development. Let’s take a closer look at the Seagull 1963’s detailed specifications.

The 38mm stainless steel case of the original Seagull 1963 (Prototype 304) has an 11mm or 14mm thickness depending on the crystal used. To provide greater comfort to the pilots, the case was made smaller and lighter. The NATO or leather straps that come along the Seagull 1963 may be a little too thin for some, but they add to its comfort. The 38mm diameter and 11mm thickness provides a proportionate design scheme suitable for any wrist size.

The case back is screwed down to protect the watch’s inner mechanisms from water. The case back on the newer variations now has a see-through crystal, allowing wearers to look inside and see how the watch’s movement works. This is a now-common design that can be found in a variety of modern luxury watches. The Seagull 1963 is also water-resistant to 30 meters. Remember that this watch has a very thin case, so 30m of water resistance is already an incredible feat. The scratch-resistant crystal adds to the watch’s protection. Throughout the production of the Seagull 1963, there are numerous crystal variations. Because some models come with a domed crystal and others with a flat crystal, these crystals can change the watch’s dimensions. The domed crystal adds 3mm to the watch’s thickness, giving it a total thickness of 14mm. This variation is the original crystal that was used during the initial production of the Seagull in 1963. The flat crystal, which has a more uniform surface than the domed crystal, is only 1mm thick.

The dial of the Seagull 1963 is most likely its most distinguishing characteristic. The lean profile of the stainless steel case complements the clean off-white color of the dial perfectly, with no unnecessary styles or embellishments that impede the watch’s legibility. Each numeric character on the dial is visible due to the off-white dial. The applied indices on the Seagull 1963 are gold-plated. It has numeral markers for all of its even numerals but triangle markers for its odd numerals. The gold-toned hour markers look great against the off-white dial and are a popular color combination in the watch industry. The minute and second hands are located on the dial’s outer rim. Although these markers are small, they are visible and easy to read.

The two chronograph subdials are located at 3 and 9 o’clock. The size of these subdials is just right, not too small to be unreadable and not too large to make the dial appear cluttered. The dial features a red star with a gold outline below the 12th-hour marker, as well as the words “21 Zuan,” which translates to “21 Jewels.” This is about the embedded jewels on the caliber movement used in the watch. Chinese writing can also be found on the dial’s bottom, which is only natural given the country of origin. These characters spell out “China,” and beneath them is written “Tianjin Watch Factory.”

Caliber Movement

The Venus 175 caliber movement was used in the original Seagull 1963, which was released in 1961. This movement was commonly found in watches manufactured from the 1940s to the 1950s. The Venus 175 caliber is quite outdated in the modern era, so Tianjin Watch Factory has switched to the new ST19 caliber movement. The Seagull ST19 caliber is a hand-wound mechanical movement used in the reissued Seagull 1963 watch. The functions and features haven’t changed much, but the reliability and accuracy of the ST19 caliber movement allow the Seagull 1963 to compete with its modern contemporaries.

Surprisingly, the Seagull 1963 emphasizes the number of jewels on the dial rather than the caliber movement. The reason for this design is still unknown. Furthermore, when wound to its maximum capacity, the Seagull 1963 can last up to 45 hours. Winding a watch isn’t a particularly time-consuming activity, but it can be inconvenient if you forget about it, so the relatively long 45-hour power reserve comes in handy. In terms of dependability and utility, the ST19 caliber movement outperforms the Venus 175 caliber.


The Seagull 1963 is unquestionably a classic timepiece that deserves more recognition and respect. There are two main reasons why many people may be conflicted about purchasing this watch. The first is many counterfeits and knockoffs that have infiltrated the market because the Seagull 1963 is not manufactured by a single company. The second issue is the scarcity of official information about the Seagull 1963 on the Internet.

It is being said, there is no doubt that the Seagull 1963 is a fantastic timepiece with an intriguing history. The Seagull 1963 soared the skies with glory thanks to its noble purpose as an official aviation watch for the Chinese military. True, the original Tianjin Watch Factory Seagull 1963 is no longer available or extremely difficult to find.

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